Featured Image for Electric Clutch

These devices allow the driver (electric motor or gasoline engine) of a pump to continue to run while disengaging the crankshaft of the high pressure pump.  This gives one control of the flow of the pump and allows the driver to continue to operate in other areas of a pump system.  They are designed for pulley drive systems.  Current pumps that use electric clutches are P200, P300, P400, P54, P55, P56, P57, P58, P59, and MP Series.

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Image Model No. For Models
featured image for 23970 P57
featured image for 23960 MP Series
featured image for 23940 P400
featured image for 23930 P46
featured image for 23920 P54, P55, P56, P58, P59
featured image for 23910 P200, P300