High-Pressure Pipe Cleaner Tornado

Compact pipe cleaning device for many industrial appliances

Our high-pressure cleaner Tornado is a compact universally usable pipe-cleaning device. It is delivered mounted on top of a high-quality stainless-steel tube frame with 4 wheels. With only 65 kg it presents itself as very to maneuver and operate. Its two gear gearbox allows for the forward feed, driving the rotating high-pressure nozzle, to be continuously adjusted. The pressure can be set to maximum of 1,100 bar and is used to remove debris from the pipe and flush it towards the tornado cart. A good example of application is its frequent use in the cleaning of heat exchangers.

Various additional equipment and modifications for the Pipe Cleaner Tornado available

Our high-pressure pipe cleaning devices can be modified and equipped with numerous extra parts. For example, are modifications and swaps for the high-pressure hoses part of our program. Also, steel grits for better control over the tornado nozzle are available.

Technical Specifications

  • length : 1016 mm
  • width : 330 mm
  • height : 560 mm
  • weight : ca. 65 kg
  • flow : max. 200 l/min
  • working pressure : max. 1100 bar
  • speed : 6 – 350 rpm
  • air pressure : 6 bar
  • air consumption : max. 2,83 m³ / min
  • hp input : M 24×1.5 DKO-S
  • hp output: M 24×1.5 DKO-S
  • cleaning pipe : > Ø 40 – Ø 1,500 mm (L = max. 300 m)
    straight pipe length, without elbows
  • cleaning of other pipes on request

Special Features

  • robust stainless steel tubular frame; mobile with 4 plastic wheels with rubber tyres
  • infinitely variable two-step gearbox and automatic friction clutch
  • high-pressure rotating joint DN 12
  • servicing unit for air supply and air motor
  • high-pressure ball valve for shutting-off and pressure gauge
  • tachometer