Rotating Joints for High Pressure Tools

With systematic movements of a high-pressure water jet, an efficient surface processing is enabled.

The central idea of high-pressure tools is to concentrate the energy of a high-pressure water jet at the smallest possible point, and to thus maximize its effect. The smaller the area being jetted, the slower the process is at dealing with large areas. The solution is a rapid and systematic movement of the high-pressure water jet.

Rotating joints enable the movement of the water jet

Rotating joints enable a transition of the water from fixed to rotating parts of the high-pressure tool, so that the water jet is moved in a targeted way. KAMAT rotating joints are suitable for pressures up to 4,000 bar. They can be driven by internal, or external, energy and can achieve up to 3,000 rotations per minute.

For fatigue-free and safe working, we also offer easy-to-use rotating connectors for hoses under high pressure suitable for our high-pressure pumps. These rotating connectors, also developed and produced by ourselves, are especially streamlined internally to minimize flow restrictions.

Technical Specifications

  • max. working pressure: 3,500 bar
  • max. flow rate: 50 l/min
  • connection inlet: M 26×1.5 female
  • connection shaft side: M 14×1.5 LH femaleimportant: No traverse loads permitted!
  • width x length: 102 mm x 223 mm
  • weight: approx. 2.5 kg

Pneumatic Drive / Air motor

  • speed rpm: 0 – 1800 rpm
  • air requirement: 5,0 l/s
  • air working pressure: 6.3 bar
  • power: 120W

Special Features

  • for surface cleaners such as Magnet Crawler Gekko 350
  • drive for runway cleaner (s. illustration) and much more
  • further rotating arms available
  • nozzle holders etc. can be designed to specification