High Pressure Guns and Lances

Ergonomic and safe tools for surface treatment with high-pressure water

Precise work requires the high-pressure cleaning and processing of surfaces with water. high pressure gun removing green paint from metal

The high-pressure cleaning and processing of surfaces with water requires a precise management of the water jet. This precise management is needed to ensure that the required result (e.g. surface finish) is achieved within an adequate time. The method needs to be safe and fatigue-free. With this objective, we offer a specially developed, in-house produced, selection of high-pressure guns with electrical or mechanical control.

Ergonomically perfected high-pressure guns and lances close up of high pressure water gun removing green paint from metal

We have achieved the extraordinary ergonomics of these devices by innovative detailed solutions: Thus, for example, our high-pressure guns are provided with a special pivoting grip which does transmit any torque to the wrist. In addition, the optimal hose routing for all work situations is possible, since the hose connection can branch off in all directions when pivoting. Our range of high-pressure guns is widened by different versions of foot valves, rotating gun lances, rotating nozzles and further accessories for the most varied cases of application, for example for pipe cleaning.

Special solutions with dirt suction device

For the cleaning of large surfaces, KAMAT offers equipment manufacturers of cleaning systems high-pressure elements that optimally complement their overall system. In this area, KAMAT develops special solutions for dirt extraction and water recirculation in the circuit on request. These special solutions are designed in close cooperation with the customer, precisely for the area of their application and implemented by KAMAT. The core of the systems here are often high-pressure rotating joints, which can also be made available as individual machine elements.