Featured Image for SP Pumps

Designed and manufactured in Germany, these medium duty pumps are meant for continuous duty applications. With a power range up to 28 Hp (21 kW), these pumps are used in a variety of applications including car wash, pressure washing, boiler feed, carpet cleaning, sewer cleaning, hydro excavating, and other industrial applications. The flow ranges is up to 11.2 GPM (42.5 l/min) and the pressure range is up to 3200 PSI (220 Bar). Temperature range is up to 220 °Fahrenheit (105 °Celsius).

Image Model No. Maximum Flow Maximum Pressure Speed Power Consumption
featured image for SP351W 6.7 GPM 25.2 L/min 3190 PSI 220 bar 1420 RPM 14.7 HP 11.0 KW
featured image for SP200W 9.6 GPM 36.2 L/min 2175 PSI 150 bar 1420 RPM 14.4 HP 10.7 KW
featured image for SP100W 11.2 GPM 42.5 L/min 1885 PSI 130 bar 1420 RPM 14.6 HP 10.9 KW